Thread: Confirmed with Link: Salvador Named Next Devils' Captain
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01-18-2013, 01:55 AM
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My first guess would of been Zajac. Figured timing was right, new contract and all. I was pulling for Kovy b4 the whole KHL ordeal and glad he didn't get it now.

I am still a bit on the fence with this decision. Sal does seem quiet and all. Even though he claims he can snap if he has to, which we can only assume. I will say this, Sal has dropped the mitts plenty of times in his tenure here to stick up for his team mates before which deserves lots of respect. Another captain like situation I can think of, is during the rangers line brawl, he imedietly went to help the refs with the carter fight when they went down ( even though he got a stupid third man in penalty)To me that shows a lot of a leader.

I still am mum on this decision, but I guess only time will tell. Wait and see!

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