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01-18-2013, 02:18 AM
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Maria off to a great start with a break in the first game of the set, and she consolidates the break, though just barely, as Venus is challenging her on serve, receiving both serves inside the baseline, 2-0. Already looks like it will be a tense, but error prone match....Maria gets a quick second break, pounding on Venus' second serve (this likely a theme for both women). Venus looks like she is not quite in the match yet...she finally holds for 1-4, but has a mountain to climb if she is going to get back into this six games, Venus has acquired 14 unforced errors, 5-1...and with her third break, Maria takes the set. Even with a first serve % hovering around 40%, it is an easy set for Sharapova.

2nd set: Maria is lighting up Venus' second serve, and, in general, Williams is stinking the place out, this point, Venus has won one of 12 points on second serve, very quickly 3-0...Venus recovers from 0-40, the first positive for her in the match, 3-1; too early to talk about a potential turning point but a second break would have been suicidal there...Maria holds as Venus's forehand continues to plague her (15 errors off that side), 4-1...Maria, as is her norm these days, is mixing overpowering outright winners with her usual brittle errors, but she gets the second break anyway, 5-1....almost on cue, Venus breaks Maria for 5-2...Maria supplies some dramatics but serves it out at 6-3 for the match.

A perfect storm tonight. Maria was very sharp (mostly) and Venus was awful until it was too late. Opportunistic win for Sharapova, but the sort of loss for Venus that poses many questions not so much about her game but about her commitment to keep playing.

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