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01-18-2013, 02:18 AM
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I feel this version of the Canucks has passed the window of opportunity. The team you are dressing in the first 10 games will not win you a Cup, it would barely get you into the playoffs. If I were the Canucks I would play it out this way....

1. see how the first half goes with the injury issues - if going well, trade Luongo for whatever is missing. If not going well, hang onto Luongo until trade deadline or even the summer.
2. by hanging onto him, you get to see what direction to move. (a) You might not improve your team today in hopes of a better draft position or (b) you might opt to make a trade to improve today, if your team has a shot. It should also increase his trade value... there will be injuries this year. You will also see some odd teams making a run to make the playoffs and you never know what desperate GM might pulll the trigger on a questionable trade to make his team better today.
3. Obtaining a better draft pick this year and some excellent prospects and/or even a very good 2 or 3 year NHLer(s) out of Luongo (NYR have a couple if Lundqvist was to go down to injury.)
4. Imagine what you could get for the Sedins in the next year or 2?
5. Keep Schneider and the Dcorps.

In about 5 years you are ready to take another run at it.

Too many teams do not identify that their windows have closed and hang onto hope, applying bandaids to an ailing lineup, rather than re-tooling while your assets are still worth something. Re-tooling would open up a wider window.

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