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I started watching in 1995 when I was 2. Wrestling has always been important in my family. My Great-great Uncle was Laurent "Larry" Moquin, a popular Canadian wrestler in the 50's. In fact, he once wrestled Lou Thesz to a draw after 1.5 hours! He also wrestled Maurice Vachon (before he was Mad Dog) and Gorgeous George. His tag partner was Yvon Robert!

1) Davey Boy Smith... and this will never ever change.
2) The Road Warriors... not because of how good they were, but the paint/spikes.
3) The Patriot... nothing to say about this.
4) Raven... brilliant mind inside the ring, loved the eerie persona. New age version of Jake Roberts?
5) The Undertaker... quite possibly the greatest gimmick ever, 23 years strong.
6) Jeff Hardy... always exciting, hard worker, too bad he got mixed up with drugs.
7) Shane McMahon... had some of the best matches i've ever seen, too bad he's only known for being the boss' son.
8) Kane... another strong gimmick, someone let this man win a Rumble already.
9) Essa Rios/Mr. Įguila... high flying at quite possibly its best.
10) Ultimo Dragon... same as Essa.

HM: Taka Michinoku, Too Cool, Godfather, CM Punk.

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