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01-18-2013, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Look, Kreider is going to be good for us. No doubt.

Its the expectations that are worrying. Last season some were seriously mentioning Kreider as a untouchable even if he was the main piece that had gone the other way for Rich Nash...

Chris is still very raw and who knows where he will end up. But its ridiculous to expect (a likelyness of more than 50%) him to become a player who scores around 75-80 pts in a season. To even remotely be for us what Parise became for NJD or something like that.

We sometimes loose perspective with these kids. WE WOULD ALL LOVE IT if someone told us that we could get a homegrown kid who was strong as a bull, fast, teamoriented, solid both ways, who could score up towards 25 goals and add X number of assists depending on the line he plays on. 25 goals is good even for a second lineer. If we get a kid who over 10 years avg around 25+25, with the normal variance of +/- 10 pts maybe (a little low almost, most player has a variance of +/- 15-20 pts between great years and subpar years) -- its a helluva pick made by Gorton and we got a kid on our hands who will be very valuble for us. But we should just cut the Brendl, Lundmark, Malhotra bs hype on Kreider. Don't post Kreider's name in the same thread that someone like Rick Nash is mentioned in. Its just stupid. A kid don't has to become the LeBum James of hockey to be valuble.

I think his play in the AHL this season, and consequently the lockout, was a god sent for Kreider. What if he stepped right into the NHL, how much would he have been forced to score for him to get positive headlines and superseed the expectations? 35+35? Its not even remotely reasonable to not expect Kreider to go 10 games without a goal this season. He is a pretty raw kid. If Kreider just sticks in the NHL and scores like 0.4-0.5 PPG everyone should be thrilled about the kid -- because a kid needs that to build confidence etc.
If Kreider's playing with Boyle he won't score his first 10 games in.

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