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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Anyone know anything about Charlotte? Should I ask in the checkers thread? I will be in Charlotte next month, will have several days to do whatever I want. Any tips? My two favorite things are drinking beer and eating food. I'm not much for activities that aren't heavily centered on both drinking and eating. All suggestions welcome. I also love wine. Huge fan of wine drinking. Oh and I like ALL kinds of foods from fried chicken to Filipino. Pot pies to Peruvian. Thanks.
I don't have *too* much eating experience in Charlotte but there are three restaurants I'd recommend

1) Lupie's Cafe - Sort of a beer hall looking place with great burgers, chili, and banana pudding. Last time I went the portions were big and the prices were easy on my wallet.

2) The Diamond Restaurant - A diner type restaurant, complete with BBQ dipped fried chicken, gyros, amazingly good burgers, and hot dogs. The people who own and operate Diamond formerly operated The Penguin in its most recent heyday (which saw an appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with that overgrown frat boy who shall not be named) and due to the vagaries of the restaurant biz opened up The Diamond after their lease at The Penguin wasn't renewed.

3) Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen Great Creole eats. Bar menu specializes in Hurricanes, naturally, except here you can get them as strong as you like from a Category 1 to a Category 5.

There's a fourth I've not been to but have heard nothing but good things about - The Cowfish Sushi & Burger Bar. There was recently a feature done on them by the A Hamburger Today Blog and other people I know who've been there confirm it's a good place for both sushi and burgers or the unholy combination of the two they call "Burgushi."

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