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Originally Posted by saint2e View Post
Yeah that was me about a month ago. I just started building HR level 14, and in 2 weeks I'll have Regen 14 available to be built. Slowly I'm working my way through the facilities. TF 15 is already under construction, as is Maintenance 15. As soon as I run out of stuff to upgrade, you can bet I'm gonna be a heavy player on the market.
That's kind of been my plan as well. I just think I need a slight boost to my lineup. Everyone else is doing it so why cant we? And I'm tired of building. I didn't realize how long it had been since I bought a player until Obryantj posted that it was 8 months ago. And that was probably Racvolgyi, who was just a prospect who is only now getting decent playing time, but he isn't considered a starter yet. I haven't purchased an immediate impact player...ever? Maybe my goalie back in season 2? It would be nice to add a 28 in game rating to the lineup without having to spend years developing said player.

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I lost 0-1 at home to the Psychos today. What's really weird is the 3rd star. 0 shots, 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 +/-, 0 PIM.

Game link
I don't even have to look and I know that the 3rd star is a very popular player. That plays a huge part in picking the stars. It's why Korey Buckley gets player of the game when the Force lose to teams who aren't even half as good. And why Zak Aldridge makes team of the day 20 times a season. Stupid.

At CD, I would expect 1100 OR to be 30+ in-game rating. I don't train shooting on my defenders, so that might explain why.

At both positions, I would pay about 200M for a 20 yo at 5/6 in the neighborhood of 1100 and significantly less for older and worse CL players. 200M may not be enough to land a player like that, but its about how much I would be willing to pay (assuming the qualities are adequate).
That's not too bad. The players i was looking at were getting 28igr. I just lowered it to 25 to have more options. How often do those types of players show up? I searched 20yo and 1100 OR and had two results I might have to increase that to 21. Do you think 5/6 is absolutely necessary? That's how I was originally operating. Then I figured I would never afford that type of player. Now, with the uncertainty of a player's CL, I'm thinking 5/6 might be the smarter move. This whole thing is very annoying

That makes sense. Are you building HR-15 ASAP or waiting until closer to the end of the season (while ensuring you'll have it for season 10 offers)?

I'm leaning towards putting off RF-15 until the beginning of next season or so, depending on what I'm able to land on the market. The MnC and MdC should be easy enough to upgrade when their current construction finishes, costing a bit less than my sponsorship offers.
I'll have to have HR15 ready for next season. When I start it depends entirely on player acquisition. Maintenance is the other priority. Do you think RF15 is worth it? I'm not sure if I do. But I guess with the money you make it doesn't really matter.

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