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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
Things will get much better in Brooklyn. More revenue = better players.
And that is the point I am disputing. We have nothing to base your statement on. Ownership nor management has come out and said that any additional revenues will be put back into the team and based on our owners history, little faith they will.

Truth is that and cash injection from the excitment of a move is short lived if the team still sucks. Plus, how many of those shiny new seats are you going to sell if the team is bad? People don't want to come see a bad product.

A great case in point is the Blackhawks. From 02 to 07-08 they sucked. Why, cause Bill Wirtz didn't care, much like Wang. Lo and behold, they played in a state of the art arena at the United Center, that they could not fill if they gave the tickets away. Based on the logic here, that fact the played in a shiny arena should have made them better. Wirtz dies, his kid takes over, strikes a TV deal, pours that money back into the team, team imporves, people come back, more revenue, better players and bingo a Stanley Cup.

My point is that moving to Brooklyn does nothing but change their address. I understand the "forecasts" but as someone who does a lot of forecasting for a living, I can tell you forecasts are nothing more than best guesstimates. For the forecast to pan out you have to have favorable conditions. Moving into an arena not built for your sport, in fact being shoe horned into that arena which happens to lie in the heart of your biggest rivalry, with bad ownership and a bad team are not favorable conditions. Could it mean better things, sure, but the move alone will not do it.

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