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01-18-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Nicko999 View Post
Not a real Habs fan then.
I'm real Habs fan and I have been one for 15 years. The thing is I'm a fan that only saw the worst decade of the franchise and we never really had a superstar player (except Price). For the first time since I started fallowing Montreal, we have hope to watch a exciting team in 2-3 years. This a shorter season this year and we just got out of a miserable season. We put all ours hopes on unproven rookies or veterans that lost it. If we won't to make to the playoff too much as to occur: We need Gionta, Plekanek, Markov, Bourque, Kaberle to get back to their game. We need our 1st line to produce at the same rate as last year. We need ours young players to progress. We need to avoid bad injury. Everything as to be in place to make it to the playoff. It's a very different situation where contender teams "need" injurieS and underachieving to not make it to the playoff.

I'm against tanking but I want to enjoy my favorite team for the next decade while they are a exciting team that go for the cup year in and out.

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