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Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
Could you quantify or elaborate as to what makes him so bad? Statistically, teams scored the least number of 5 on 5 goals when he was on the ice and by a significant margin (Despres was actually the lowest, but only played 18 games). So if teams score the least number of ES goals with him on the ice, despite being in & out of the lineup and with a revolving cast of D partners, how is he the worst? Not enough offense?
While I certainly agree with your point and opinion on Lovejoy, his team leading O zone starts (30 game min) have a lot to do with his results. I like the reverend much more than Bortz, Strait, or Depres.

It's much easier to not allow goals against when you start about 59% of your shifts in the O zone. Just look at how sheltered Depres was BTW.

Now factor in who Lovejoy was playing against with qual comp values:

The lowest competition of all of our D men (30game min). It's great that he did well in this sheltered situation, but you have to take these results with a grain of salt. They will come down when he is fed to the lions.

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