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Originally Posted by GalHabsGal View Post
Hoooo, If I was manager, my goal is to win more often. That my team have the most points at the end of the season, then Gally would be part of the lineup 200%.

He was the only scorer yesterday with Gallager on 24 shooters! And because we know that the Habs lost 12pts in shootout, we really need Gally for SO.

Having Gally in the lineup means having maybe 6-8 more points at the end of the season, which is HUGEEEEEEEEE, it can make the difference between doing playoff or not.

Just my 2 cents.

edit: But if the goal is to tank for next years, then send him back to Sarnia lol
A case against any player making that much of a difference in the shootout:

Aside from that blog post, IMO one shooter making a 6-8 win difference in shootouts is unreasonable. He would have to score about 10-12 times more than the shooter he would be replacing - so the 3rd choice on shootouts, let's say Plekanec or Gionta. Not going to happen.

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