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Definitely standing by what I said about Bowman. He certainly sounds like he was a tough SOB.

Originally Posted by Ottawa Citizen - 11/29/1933
Praise for Bowman
Bowman, who quit the amateur ranks this season, gave one of the best exhibition of defensive play a visitor has staged here in several seasons. His aggressive tactics made him a marked man with the burly Bruins. He and Nels Stewart, Boston center, drew majors, the only penalties of the game, for using their fists after a high-stick exchange.

...the big Boston center was forced against the sideboards by defenceman Scotty Bowman. Both carried their sticks high and when the Senator whacked the Bruin over the head, Stewart drove his fist into his face. This flare-up caused an exciting jam, both teams combined and aided officials in separating the battlers...

The puck was slashed out of Boston ice and after considerable mid-zone scrimmaging, Bowman quit the defence to rush. He carried down center, passed left to Cook, who feinted Tiny Thompson out of position before rapping home the opening tally.

Bowman carried back, and he and Shore bumped each other in rugged fashion when they met in the back of the Boston cage.

Originally Posted by The Calgary Daily Herald - 3/25/1936
Jack [Adams] also had words of praise for his defence, Bucko McDonald, Ebbie Goodfellow, Scotty Bowman, and Doug Young slowed Maroons down a lot with their heavy blasts.

Originally Posted by The Vancouver Sun - 10/29/1937
Bucko McDonald and Young will form one defence pair and Ebbie Goodfellow and Roulston or Bowman the other. Smith is one of the best netminders in the business and those defencemen can really hit, and attack in their spare time.

Originally Posted by Ottawa Citizen - 3/27/1936
Young Norm Smith was subjected to a bitter attack for the remaining 11 minutes, particularly while Scotty Bowman served a penalty for bodying Trottier from behind.

Originally Posted by The Windsor Daily Star - 4/10/1936
Bowman and Shill were penalized for dueling with their sticks.
Originally Posted by The Windsor Daily Star - 10/25/1940
One of the most stitched men in hockey, this fellow, Ralph Scotty Bowman, for many a years a regular defenceman with Detroit Red Wings, yesterday passed from the National Hockey League when he was sold by the Detroit Hockey Club to Buffalo Bisons, new entry in the American League.

Originally Posted by The Montreal Gazette - 1/5/1935
Cy Wentworth, brilliant defence ace of the Maroons, was reclining in his berth, his head covered with heavy bandages, the result of a blow from Scotty Bowman in last night's match. Wentworth had four stitches drawn in the right side of his head and he was very weak from loss of blood.

"Bowman cut down Cy Wentworth and got away with it." said one of the Maroon officials. "He wasn't even penalized...We expect to get our usual share of injuries, but it is disgusting when clean players like Wentworth are given the works."

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