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01-18-2013, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Just a feeling, not something I'm saying is hard fact; get the idea of the 2 Ducks prefer to keep Perry, move Getzlaf.

Given Getz is free agent after this season, as is Perry, and Ana could lose both; and is LESS likely to afford both now that salary next year is down...

If Richards waived his NMC, is there some attraction on both sides to something based around
Richards + X (not too much)
Getzlaf + y (y is for balance) ?

Ducks downgrade but retain quality short term, then have options to trade/buyout, etc after 3-4 seasons if/when Richards breaks down.

Rangers likely improve this year, depending upon how much Getz will bust his butt, which helps for those concerned with 'NOW'. Then for those seeking long term, we have options on inside track to keep Getzlaf, if we win cup will he take a little less to stay, if we can juggle otherwise for what we need.

I know if choose to use it on Richards because of his salary, we still have one buyout, so we don't HAVE to trade him to move his cap.

But I felt depending upon the throw-ins, this could be win-win.

Why would he move his NMC? Under no circumstances would he. He came to NY to live there and play under his favorite coach. Why would he uproot his family and go to an organization that is still in rebuild mode as he moves towards the latter part of his career?

And if we buy him out we would look like an even bigger joke and what FA is going to sign with us when they see how we treat players and show ZERO loyalty to them.

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