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01-18-2013, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by BlackNgold 84 View Post
It does suck but that is what happens when the team gets good. I bought season in 08-09.. i think it was 19 bucks a game back then. I don't know what year some other people bought season tickets. But i'd have to say that was damn good timing on me and my friends part. We obviously didn't see them going on a tear that year. I don't think we'll see those prices for another 5-10 years at least.
The Red Sox 5 years ago were so hot you needed sun screen, the Bruins were so unpopular WEEI would do satire Hockey Talk. Now it has almost flip flopped. You can get Red Sox tickets almost as easy as you could Bruins tickets back in 5 or 6 years ago.

Some day this will end, the Bruins will cool off. With just a tick more than 50% of the teams making the playoffs the Bruins will be missing their fair share. Who ever thought that talented young group of Red Sox that won in 2007 would not get back to the WS in 5 years and counting- and they have an advantage that the Bruins do not.

Enjoy this folks its not forever and tickets will be available for great value if you are a fan that is more than a front runner. I'd love to see 3 Cups in 15 years- they have one already and no reason why they can't get another in the next half dozen years with their talent.

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