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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
A case against any player making that much of a difference in the shootout:

Aside from that blog post, IMO one shooter making a 6-8 win difference in shootouts is unreasonable. He would have to score about 10-12 times more than the shooter he would be replacing - so the 3rd choice on shootouts, let's say Plekanec or Gionta. Not going to happen.
I really dont agree

Look at those stats:
of guys who’ve taken more than 15 attempts:
1. Frans Nielson (59.4% – 32 attempts)
2.Eric Christensen (52.2% – 46 attempts)
3. Ales Kotalik (50% – 44 attempts)
4. Jonathan Teows (50% – 44 attempts)
T5. Michael Handzus (50% – 30 attempts)
T5. Jarret Stoll (50% – 30 attempts)

With those stats it mean that if I have Nielson, Christensen and Kotalik in my lineup, I win all my SO again Habs (and almost all others team).

If you look at the Habs training camps, all Habs players are 0 in 4 for SO. (Except Gally who is 4in4, and maybe 2-3 guys who have 1 goal). For me I prefer Frans, Eric and Ales with a total of 16/30% compare to Habs(without Gally) who are 3/30% lol

Note: I know that Nielson, Chris and Kotalik are not playing for the same team, its just to show that players make a difference when SO arrive... (if you have those players of course, which should start to be a priority for team in the NHL)

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