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Guelph Platers
1986 Memorial Cup Champions

Home Rink: Guelph Memorial Gardens (1948)
GM: BraveCanadian

Coaches: Fred Shero, Bruce Boudreau
Captain: Ron Francis
Alternates: Rod Brind'Amour, Sprague Cleghorn

Rick Nash - Ron Francis - Jaromir Jagr
Wayne Cashman - Nels Stewart - Bill Mosienko
Rod Brind'Amour - Bernie Nicholls - Kevin Dineen
Gaetan Duchesne - Bobby Gould - Kelly Miller

Sprague Cleghorn - Harry Howell
Craig Ludwig - Dan Boyle
Charlie Huddy - Bert Corbeau

Vladislav Tretiak
Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Rick Vaive
Dion Phaneuf
John Ogrodnick

PP1: Bernie Nicholls - Nels Stewart - Jaromir Jagr
Ron Francis - Dan Boyle

PP2: Rick Nash - Rod Brind'Amour - Bill Mosienko
Sprague Cleghorn - Bert Corbeau

Penalty Kill:
PK1: Rod Brind'Amour - Kelly Miller - Craig Ludwig - Harry Howell
PK2: Ron Francis - Bobby Gould - Sprague Cleghorn - Charlie Huddy

Forward Line Play:

Our first line features a top of the line two-way, playmaking center in Francis. His faceoff prowess along with Jagr and Nash's puck possession should mean that this line is going to have the puck an awful lot. Not to mention the size of this line is imposing even though they are not overly physical except in shielding the puck.

Our second line is constructed to maximize Nels Stewart. Cashman performed a similar role for Esposito that he will be called upon to revisit here. Mosienko gives the line speed and he is a balanced player, being able to make a play or give the line another trigger so that the opposition cannot focus exclusively on Stewart. The line will have the option of playing dump and chase with Cashman's boardplay and Mosienko's speed to run out loose pucks, or having our puck moving defensemen gain the zone and let Stewart setup shop to do what he does best.

The third line features Rod Brind'amour who is really a 2nd line talent in this thing both ways. I've decided to move him to the wing to allow us to move Nicholls up and take advantage of Brind'amour's offense some more. Brind'amour and Dineen give the line a ton of grit and determination, good and decent offense, and great and decent defense. Nicholls has the talent to make use of the pucks they will free up. And while not being great defensively he isn't a minus either. Brind'amour will take the draws.

Our new fourth line is a real life checking line that I have reconstructed here. Duchesne-Gould-Miller all have good Selke recognition and regularly went up against the Gretzky's/Bossy's/Hull's/Lemieux's in real life and had some success. They are all good penalty killers as well and will be doing that for us.

Defensive Play:

All our defensive pairings are constructed with a primary puck mover and a primary stay at home player. Sort of the cookie cutter approach but it is proven. This lets them work somewhat interchangeably with the forwards so that the forwards aren't adapting.

That being said, we're relying on our 1st pairing heavily to make up for our somewhat weaker 2nd and 3rd pairings. This is why Cleghorn isn't on our first PP or PK for example -- we are saving him for ES where he can have a bigger impact on our overall fortunes.

Protecting Close Lead

If we're protecting a close lead in the last couple minutes of the game, we'll shorten the bench:

Miller - Francis - Gould
Duchesne - Brind'amour - Dineen

Cleghorn - Howell
Ludwig - Huddy

Offensive Hero Lines

If we need a goal very late in the game (again taking advantage of our faceoff prowess):

Stewart - Francis - Jagr
Nicholls - Brind'amour - Mosienko

General Strategies:

- We are going to roll three lines for the most part and use our fourth as a checking line.

- One of Francis or Brind'amour will take all of our important draws no matter which zone. If need be (late in a game and behind), Brind'amour will play on the second line to do so with more offensive oriented players. Francis/Brind'amour will sub on lines for the draw and then come to the bench. We will start with the puck most of the time.

- Jagr will be double shifted at times with Brind'amour / Nicholls' line (in Dineen's spot) to shake off his checkers and to take advantage of our center depth. We will take advantage of one of the greatest even strength scorers in NHL history.

Estimated Minutes:

Jaromir Jagr174021
Ron Francis144321
Rick Nash143017
Wayne Cashman120012
Nels Stewart124016
Bill Mosienko123015
Rod Brind'amour103417
Bernie Nicholls104014
Rick Vaive100010
Gaetan Duchesne9009
Bobby Gould90312
Kelly Miller90413

Sprague Cleghorn193325
Harry Howell190423
Craig Ludwig150419
Dan Boyle154019
Charlie Huddy120315
Bert Corbeau123015

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