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Originally Posted by GalHabsGal View Post
I really dont agree

Look at those stats:
of guys who’ve taken more than 15 attempts:
1. Frans Nielson (59.4% – 32 attempts)
2.Eric Christensen (52.2% – 46 attempts)
3. Ales Kotalik (50% – 44 attempts)
4. Jonathan Teows (50% – 44 attempts)
T5. Michael Handzus (50% – 30 attempts)
T5. Jarret Stoll (50% – 30 attempts)

With those stats it mean that if I have Nielson, Christensen and Kotalik in my lineup, I win all my SO again Habs (and almost all others team).

If you look at the Habs training camps, all Habs players are 0 in 4 for SO. (Except Gally who is 4in4, and maybe 2-3 guys who have 1 goal). For me I prefer Frans, Eric and Ales with a total of 16/30% compare to Habs(without Gally) who are 3/30% lol

Note: I know that Nielson, Chris and Kotalik are not playing for the same team, its just to show that players make a difference when SO arrive... (if you have those players of course, which should start to be a priority for team in the NHL)
Christensen helped get the Rangers in the playoffs with a lot of SO wins, same for Handzus & the Kings who went 10-2 in the SO in 2010-11.

If the NHL sticks with this stupid gimmick, bubble teams should take shootout specialists more serious. Especially if these guys can get you an extra 10 points.

Considering the prognosticators expect between 12+ shootouts on average that's a lot of points up for grabs. How many GWG would we expect from Galchenyuk this year if he stays? 1? 2 maybe? Whereas he might get 3 game winning SO goals...

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