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Originally Posted by homersimpson View Post
I was thinking that there was not much that a Dr can do about a broken tail bone. I did this injury right at the beginning of my busy season so I really did not have time to see a Dr until after April 15th. Now I waited a whole year and I am back into my busy season, I guess i made a bad choice in waiting. At least I have my wife to remind me every day about everything that I have done wrong in my life. So I have that going for me.

If it is still bothering me in a few months I will make an appointment.

It also hurts when I push out a nice trouser cough.
1. Well you certainly aren't going to find out what a doctor could do to help know...not seeing the doctor...

2. Why would you keep waiting and waiting? Broken bones eventually heal themselves. But if your tailbone was displaced by the injury and it has now healed in a bad position, then waiting is only going to make things worse. You are really making some bad decisions here, my friend.

Don't be stupid. Go see a doctor - ortho would be best.

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