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01-18-2013, 10:32 AM
ti kallisti
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Originally Posted by Jaymond Flurrie View Post
I disagree with this. There's a lot of players that are very fun to watch, but that doesn't mean they're great players. Heck, Sean Avery was very fun to watch. Sure, for totally different reasons, but when seeing fun as the only meter, I don't think Avery was far behind Malkin. Again, this says absolutely nothing about how good players they are, but that's exactly the point.
I guess if you find Avery fun to watch you value much different things about the game than I do. Different strokes, I guess. But I don't find anything about the brand of entertainment both provide to be remotely similar.

And yeah... like I said... I know my opinion doesn't tell you much about assessing value.

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