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01-18-2013, 10:41 AM
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I think people really dislike the Flames for a reason or another. How can the 9th place team from a year ago, keep more or less the same core, address key concerns (skill, a PP QB, age) fall 5 spots?

I really think the TSN guys, along with a lot of the other hockey people in the league put way too much emphasis on youth. I know youth is important, but for every Pittsburgh and Chicago, there's about 3 or 4 Atlanta's, CJBs, Canes, Toronto's, Tampa's, Islanders... It really depends on what you get from the Draft.

Weird in a year where Coyotes stay put, Nashville regresses, Detroit regresses, Ducks stay put, SJ stays put and two of the playoff teams and even Stanley Cup winners start off with key injuries that the Flames still manage to only be better than the Blue Jackets.
While there is the definite possibility that everything goes to hell, and this does end up happening, I think it's much, much, much more likely that things get a little better for the Flames from last year or stay the same... I guess TSN is predicting that the boys end up falling apart...

Also, I don't truly understand the weak down the center argument. While there's no true, top line center on the team, and I am completely unsure how Tanguay will be this year, Stajan and Backlund are both guys that can slot in the 2nd/3rd line center interchangeably and Stajan is a +50% faceoff guy, while Backlund slots between 45-51; and while the 45 is low, this year he's got Sven and Cammy on his wings, which should help splits and puck battles. Begin on the fourth line, is a very, very good faceoff guy... Really it will just depend on how Tanguay does on the first... But I don't see the weak down the middle argument working past the first line.

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