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01-18-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thing is, somebody needs to move. And as a fan, whether it's Bergevin or Subban, somebody needs to lose as clealry they are not in the same ballpark, or else there would be a deal in place. So who can afford to lose more? A player who in the end, at worst, will gain it all back with his next contract and if he's not happy could cash in the day of the UFA market? Or the GM who by giving a big contract will open the doors to everybody else in the future who will take Subban's contract as an exemple of what the "structure" is all about. Bergevin has a lot to lose here, much more than PK. And if PK is really about the team and winning, he would take the bridge instead of holding up. 'Cause his contract is not solely about him anymore. It's about the structure of the team, it's about the dressing room division about him or not, it's about the division with the fans and the organization. That's what it comes down to. And if people mention that everything else is not his business, well sorry. When you are paid that much, it's not solely about your little persona. And especially not in Montreal.

And for whoever will love to blame yesterday's crowd for a big contract ahead, it makes no sense either. People want PK. But if the Habs win 1 game in a row, they will forget who PK is. If Habs win, people won't mind. If Habs lose, people will mind. Yet, with or without the chant, if Habs would lose 1, 2, or 3 games in a row, Bergevin would have had the same type of pressure.

And frankly, for the sake of the organization, it should never come down to what type of start we have. Not good for the season, as 3 losses in a row might already be too mcuh, not good for the atmosphere between players, not good for the relation between PK and Bergevin who in the end, will clearly want out at 27 if he has the choice to.
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