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Originally Posted by Kings4thecup View Post
I had AT&T Uverse for about a week and they were super liars. I ditched them right away, and even though I canceled them twice, they're still billing me.

As far as the Redzone, it was by far the best value, but the rest of Comcast is just ok. I left Comcast for Directv like 15 + years ago, because Comcast for so bad, but I figured they got their crap together by now, but I may be wrong. I figured the best time to try was now(October), because there was no hockey, and Directv would give the NFL to everyone except people that had Directv for 15 years. I have no contract with Comcast, so I figured I would just try them this year, and go back to Directv next year and get the free NFL in September, then be ready for CI back on Directv if I don't like Comcast.
The amount of HD games that are carried by Comcast is limited by the number of Center Ice HD channels that they have. I'm in the Seattle area and they only have 2 CI-HD channels, so I go with Gamecenter and stream from laptop to TV. I know Direct-TV has most of the games available in HD as they have 6 or 7 HD channels dedicated to CI.

To find out how many CI-HD channels you have, you can pull the channel listings for your area from the Comcast website or scroll through them on your TV.

Bottom line, if you have Direct-TV (I can't because no signal view for the dish) or if your local provider has 5+ channels dedicated to HD Center Ice feeds, then go with CI. If not, I'd go with Gamecenter.

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