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01-18-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
It's not worth keeping him in the NHL for limited minutes. He can transition back to center next year or later, I don't see a big deal there.
Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
Completely disagree with this. Time and time again you see young centerman start on the wing and end up in the middle. it's going to happen to Seguin eventually like it happened to Giroux. Brayden Schenn is another one.

If we didn't have so many proven centers in their respected positions (DD and Pleks in top 6, Eller on 3rd line), then you'd probably see Gally as a C... but to inhibit his development as an offensive NHL player just because those positions are filled up would be unwise imo.

If he's ready to produce at the NHL level now... then he should be given the opportunity to.
I say this 'cause in the end, I don't see him producing as a winger. And if he doesn't produce and let say Bourque has a tremendous start....guess what will happen? Gally is going in Sarnia. So what do you want? A try on the wing to get back in Juniors? Or an understanding of him as a centerman with a lot more time to prove himself, with no pressure and learning the position even if the wingers aren't exactly star players. But playing with Armstrong and Prust would be better than playing with Mr. Nobody and Mr. Who? in Sarnia.

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