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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
If we'd done this five years ago would we be further ahead now? Be honest...

Of course we would. For years I've told you we've been going down the wrong path. For years people have opposed me. And all the while we've wasted our time. And in the few instances of where we've done what I've said (rebuild and top five moves) it's paid off.

Yes, it's the same argument over and over. But the team has been doing the same things over and over and I've been right. You've been too blind to see it. Go look at when the Gomez and Gionta moves were made. Go look at the people defending those moves. I said they'd set us back five years and that's exactly what's happened. Be honestwith yourself.. did you like those moves? Did you defend them? If so, do you still defend them or can you acknowledge that I was right? If you can't... that's on you.

I think things are better now as we got lucky with Price, made a rebuild trade that got us Max and Gorges and now we have Galchenyuk. Throw in a fantastic steal in the 2nd round with Subban and we're better than we've been in a long time. Maybe even good enough to win something someday.

I just think if we add to what we already have we could become a powerhouse. We're so close. Add in another couple of good prospects and maybe a high pick this year... we're set.

As for me being repeating myself (which I proudly admit that I have) I've done so because the team itself has been a broken record. The solution has been there the whole time and we've avoided it. We've FINALLY gone down the rebuild path a little bit and look at the results.

All I'm saying is to do a little bit more.

Well, we had a horrendous year and lucked out with some high end picks, namely Galchenyuk and Collberg. But with guys like PK (if he ever signs), Price, Pacioretty, even Eller, Tinordi and Beaulieu can be added to that; we have a solid youthful core. While I agree that we should try and add more youth there, we don't have to "tank" to do it. A shrewd trade or two would be enough without sacrificing the chances of progressing that young talent with some playoff expereance.

To varying degrees, guys like Pleknec, Gionta, DD, Moen, Markov even Bourque could fetch some of what you mention. But all that is dependant on the progression of the prospects moving up. As an example, can Eller be able to replace what Pleks brings? Possibly. If he does, Pleks become expendable and can be moved for some really helpful pieces. Same with Gio and Gallagher. The list goes on.

Let's not forget that we have 4 picks in the top 60 this year. We see a prospect we really must have, why not put a roster player or redundant prospect with a pick to move up?

There's different ways of doing the "rebuild". The problem is that many times we've taken some horrific lowball offers simply to move a "bad apple" knowing full well the talent we'd given up.

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