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06-20-2006, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Darz
Savard and Demers were fired 5 games into the '95-'96 season.

coaching stats for Demers...

Anyways, I like the hiring of Muller, but I am not willing to hail him as a savoir, and I will hold off all calling it a genius move until I see some actual results. Mario Tremblay was a great hab who didn't like slackers, and he did a horrible job, so..... Now I am not comparing the two but I think hailing Muller as a great coach is a bit premature.
Damn you and your reality. {I was going to venture a similar opinion } Sometimes the chief contribution of the asst. coach is keeping the head coach company on the road.

I feel good about Muller for the same reason I did about Carbo. His last years in Dallas when he'd play a few shifts on an energy line,often with Carbo, if I have the year right, he learnt a different game. They seemed to 'get it', know how to maximize a shift. He went downhill fast in the mid to late 90's but finished up as a solid contributor. I think that bodes well for him as a coach, like I do with Carbo.

How this translates to team success, no idea. I like the guy though, so I'm happy. As for faceoffs, well Jarvis was no slouch, all we can hope is that these guys continue to develop.

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