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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'm not personnally hesitant. I have confidence in Subban though I'm a little perplex about the love, or lack of love from his own teamates. If he really is driving everybody crazy, we need to give a contract so that we could get rid of it if we really need to. That, and the fact that Bergevin wants to establish a structure with the Subban contract. If he succeeds, the rest will from now on always be compared to what Subban got. And it will even be easier for Bergevin especially since most of those players will be less important to the team. Just putting myself in Bergevin's shoes to understand him. But of course, personnally, I'd give PK 5-5,5 M$ for 7 years. I would have no hesitation in giving him that.
Firstly, I've never heard anyone say they dislike Subban...I have a close friend who annoys the hell out of me, but i'm also one of his best men at his wedding this summer. Again, don't let media's perceptions influence your thinking (easier said then done though).

I've said it several times but Mathieu Darche was on Antichambre talking about PK and for a guy who was 'rumored' to be one of those who didn't get along with PK, he sure didn't imply he had a problem with his fact he went out of his way to commend his attitude and insisted that PK should never change.

PK Subban is different, and he's different in many ways...and in the hockey community, being 'different' (not specifically referring to race btw) is often misinterpreted.

Jeremy Roenick had one of the worst reputations in his early days in Chicago...yet by the time he retired, he was one of the most beloved players.

I don't think that kind of stuff is nearly as relevant as people think....

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