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Houston Astros

Manager: Casey Stengel

SP: Whitey Ford
SP: Juan Marichal
SP: Hal Newhouser
SP: Pud Galvin
SP: Justin Verlander

RP: Craig Kimbrel
RP: Rick Aguilera
RP: Gene Garber
RP: Jim Konstanty
RP: John Wyatt
CL: K-Rod

C: Joe Torre
1B: Jimmie Foxx
2B: Joe Gordon
SS: Alan Trammell
3B: Brooks Robinson
RF: Roberto Clemente
CF: Kirby Puckett
LF: Sammy Sosa

BN: Lance Parrish C
BN: Chuck Klein OF/1b
BN: Joe Tinker SS
BN: Johnny Evers 2B
BN: Norm Cash 1B
BN: Sam Rice OF

Batting Order

1. Kirby Puckett
2. Alan Trammell
3. Jimmie Foxx
4. Sammy Sosa
5. Roberto Clemente
6. Joe Torre
7. Brooks Robinson
8. Joe Gordon

In the Field

Roberto Clemente
Position: Right field

.317 Batting Average
240 Homeruns
3,000 hits
1,305 RBIs
83.6 WAR
15x All Star
12x Gold Glove award
4x Batting Champion
2x World Series Champ
1x World Series MVP
1x MVP

Kirby Puckett
Position: Center Field

.318 Batting Average
2,304 Hits
207 HRs
1,085 RBI
10x All-Star
2x World Series Champion
6x Gold Glove
6x Silver Slugger

Sammy Sosa
Position: Left Field

.273 BA
609 HR
1,667 RBI
.344 OBP
54.8 WAR (127th all time for position players)
7x All Star
1x MVP
6x Top 10 in MVP voting

Jimmie Foxx
Position: 1st Base

.325 BA
534 HR
2,646 Hits
1,922 RBIs
92.9 WAR
9x All Star
3x MVP
2x World Series Champion
Triple Crown Winner

Joe Gordon
Position: 2nd Base

.268 BA
253 HR
975 RBIs
54.0 WAR (202nd all time)
22.4 dWAR (23rd all time, 2nd amongst 2nd basemen)
.971 career fielding %
1x MVP
9x All-Star
5x World Series Champion

Alan Trammell
Position: Shortstop

.285 BA
185 HR
236 Stolen Bases
2,365 Hits
67.1 WAR (91st all time)
6x All Star
4x Gold Glove
3x Silver Slugger
World Series MVP
3 Top Ten MVP Finishes
Ranked #9 Shortstop by Bill James

I perhaps gave Trammell the longest write up in the draft. If you're interested, read it here:

Brooks Robinson
Position: 3rd Base

"That kid plays third base like he came down from a higher league." - Umpire Ed Hurley

.267 BA
2,848 Hits
268 Homeruns
1,357 Rbi
18x All-Star
16x Gold Glove Winner
2x World Series Champion
1X World Series MVP

Joe Torre
Positon: Catcher

.297 BA
2,342 Hits
252 HR
1,095 RBI
56.1 WAR
9x All-Star
1x MVP
1x Gold Glove

On the Mound

Whitey Ford
Position: LHP

2.75 ERA
1,956 Ks
10x All Star
6x World Series Champion
1x World Series MVP
1x Cy Young Winner

Juan Marichal
Position: RHP

2.89 ERA
2,303 Ks
10x All Star

Hal Newhouser
Position: LHP

3.06 ERA
1,796 Ks
33 Shutouts
7x All Star
2x MVP
World Series Champion

Pud Galvin
Position: RHP

2.85 ERA
365-310 record
1807 Ks
6003.1 IP (2nd)
646 complete games (2nd)
68.9 WAR (84th all time)
2 No Hitters

Justin Verlander
Position: RHP

3.40 ERA
1553.2 IP
1,454 K
34.2 WAR
1.173 WHIP
1x MVP
1x Cy Young
Pitching Triple Crown
5x Top 10 Cy Young Voting
1x Cy Young Runner up

Unbelievable numbers and WAR considering he's only 8 seasons into his career.

In the Pen

Francisco Rodriguez
Position: Closer

2.70 ERA
878 Strikeouts
294 Saves
18.7 WAR
4x All-Star
1x World Series Champ
2x Rolaids Relief Award
3x Saves Leader

Gene Garber
Position: RHP Reliever (Sidearm thrower)

3.34 ERA
940 Ks
1510 IP
15.1 WAR

Craig Kimbrel
Position: RHP (Set up Man)

11-4 Record
1.46 ERA
89 Saves
160.1 IP
283 Ks
0.911 WHIP
15.9 K/9
4.56 K/BB
3.5 BB/9
0.3 HR/9

Rookie of the year (2011)
1x Top 5 MVP voting (2012)
1x Top 10 MVP voting (2011)
2x Top 10 Cy Young voting.

Rick Aguilera
Position: RHP

3.57 ERA
1,030 Ks
1,291.1 IP
19.1 WAR

3x All Star
2x World Series Champion

Jim Konstanty
Position: RH Relief Pitcher

3.46 ERA
945.2 IP
268 Ks
11.8 WAR

1x MVP

John Wyatt
Position: RH Relief Pitcher

3.47 ERA
687.1 IP
540 Ks
10.8 WAR

1x Allstar
World Series Champion

In the Dugout

Casey Stengel
Position: Manager

1905-1842 Record
7x World Series Champion as a manager

In my opinion, managing is half the battle in baseball. A great manager can take a team to new heights, and analyze the game in such a way that he will always put his team in the best position to excel. Over the course of 2 decades, there was no manager more inclined to winning championships than Casey Stengel. Arguably the greatest manager in the sport's history, and undoubtedly in the top 2, Stengel is expected to lead this Astros team to gold.

Lance Parrish
Position: Catcher

.252 BA
1,782 Hits
324 HR
1,070 RBI
36.0 WAR (14.7 dWar)
8x All Star
3x Gold Glove Award
6x Silver Slugger

Chuck Klein

Position: OF/1B

.320 BA
300 HR
2,076 Hits
1,201 RBI
41.5 WAR

1x MVP
1x Triple Crown
2x MVP runner up
4x Home Run Champion

Johnny Evers
Position: 2nd Base

1,659 Hits
12 HR
47.8 WAR

1x MVP
World series champion

Joe Tinker
Position: Shortstop

.262 BA
1,690 Hits
783 RBI
31 HR
53.3 WAR

World Series Champion

Norm Cash
Position: First Base

.271 BA
377 HR
1,820 Hits
1,103 RBI
52.1 WAR

4x Allstar
World Series Champion

Sam Rice
Position: Outfielder

.322 BA
34 HR
2.987 Hits
351 SB
1,077 RBI
47.1 WAR

World Series Champion

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