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Rollins vs Cheevers

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Well, in his short time in the NHL, he did manage to earn individual recognition the likes of which Cheevers never approached. I like your analogy. Firm tofu, or silken?

Yet, Cheevers is in the hall and Rollins isn't.

Sometimes you talk like the HHOF committee is infallible.
Would you say this is a pretty egregious example of poor selection criteria? Or does Cheevers' longevity and reputation as a "winner" and/or "money goalie" truly give him the edge over Rollins and over the HHOF hump?
Actually Gerry Cheevers(418) played fewer NHL regular season NHL games than Al Rollins(430).

The playoff games each played is a team function.

The HHOF issue does not matter. HHOF worthiness is not an indication that one was better than the other. Cheevers has a more complete resume - NHL, WHA, some international - 1974 mainly, 2SCs as the lead goalie vs 1 for Rollins as a minorty starter in a tandem. Cheevers definitely benefits from better eye candy like Worsley.

Al Rollins was a better goalie - the individual awards and honours are well known. Workhorse, whereas Cheevers had to be managed at the NHL level. Rollins was regularly in the top 4 of NHL goalies whereas Cheevers never was.. Personally never saw Cheevers as top six and rarely top ten.

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