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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post

The Kings drafted Drew Doughty 2nd overall in late June, 2008, a year that they were essentially the leagues worst team until the final two games of the year. Almost four years later to the day, Drew Doughty was raising the Stanley up above his head. It doesn't take long to rebuild in the cap era NHL. Kessel and the Leafs could easily have a cup before he turns 33, which isn't old for a guy of Kessel's caliber. And Toronto isn't as bad as LA was in 2008.

I think Kessel goes UFA though for the sheer money factor. I have never really felt Kessel will show any great deal of loyalty to Toronto or any market for that matter..

Fair enough but 33 isn't young for a player like PK either, at the very least it is debatable that he would be willing to wait around while the Leafs rebuild and that would be at least into the decline of his overall talent imo.

I would also say that while there are allot of talented players taken every draft that players like DD come along only every now and then and while DD was critically important to our cup he was only one of several building blocks that were needed to accomplish our goal.

The Leafs desperately need to fill several positions (they don't have a number one center on their team or in their system nor do they have any goaltending depth etc) still so I would say that Nonis is closer to starting from scratch than 4 years away.

They have some solid young pieces but their needs are more than just a couple of players. Like we inherited Kopi Brown Quick etc from DT's group Nonis is inheriting a few solid kids from the Burke regime but the rebuild is still a pretty long way away from good. The kids they have today who they are making room to get on the team are going to be the core (Kadrii Gardiners etc) for the team that they will build.

Kessel will most like go UFA and if he does the Leafs will have dealt all of those assets away for nothing. I see them moving PK for the best package of talented kids and picks that they can get. We may not be able to offer them the best package but then we might too.

With Lupul and MacA both UFA's at the end of this season and PK at the end of the next as well as the Leafs needing so much I don't see them being able to convince any of their 3 best forwards to hang around and that they will all be dealt at or near the deadline of this year.

I don't see the Leafs going after a Brown/Richards type player or at least not a 26+yo range.

I guess time will tell but if I were Nonis and I could fill one of my needs with a talented young high end prospect and a couple of solid young players who I believe could be a part of my core or overall depth for a player that I will lose to free agency if I hang on to I would do it.

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