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01-18-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesBeBack View Post
Our roster is easily the most pathetic NHL lineup I've ever seen. The fact that a GM has 6 years, 5 lottery finishes and this is what we are watching is absolutely, downright, SICK.

If I'm Tavares, I am going postal that this is the best this GM and owner can come up with. Where is the ****ing pride?

How many god damn waiver wire picks up can one team have? This is just so freaking comical at this point.

And so many of you are like "Next year is when the real test starts", so the next 48 games are just a write off?

The new rules in the CBA permit everyone to have an equal chance at the first overall, so sucking for first doesn't make any sense anymore.

If we win more than 2 games in the first two weeks, I'll react as if I won the lottery.
You, sir, do not know your hockey.

Nice job adding insurance and depth for free, keeping young prospects to develop in the AHL...

...kudos to Garth!

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