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01-18-2013, 12:33 PM
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I have to really give Easton credit to their new Mako line. From sticks, to skates to equipment and how they present it.

I am not one for fads and gimmicks like lighter equipment. It did not matter much to me about the SUPER LIGHT Stealth equipment that came out.

But this Mako line is different, each one serving a greater purpose.

Gloves- The fingers have gaps on the bottom and in the right places to ensure better flex in your grip but also more protection.

Shoulder Pads- The shape of the chest protecter is round rather than squared. The round shape allows your ribs to be better protected and a better fit. Also the protection is more focused on the middle part of the chest.

Skates- Most impressive piece of all. I am not with over $500 skates, in fact having difficulty in buying a $400 pair even though i need new ones.
The skate is the MLX skates now but with new additions such as replaceable tongue and heel protector so when they wear down or break you can buy new ones rather than ship them off to get them fixed or buy new skates . The blades are allowed to shift left to right allowing more options depending on preference of the skater which serves a huge purpose most of us have never thought of. There are very light and many reports are giving it a perfect score for comfort.

The stick- As we all know, and though there is more to it, I really like the white design. They were the first (at least major brand) to make the whole stick white because their the first to actually do tests on how a goalie percieves a shooter during a real game. White shaft makes sense, the new mako II kind of contradicts everything they had originally but the black blade is nice as well

I really like the Mako line and I am looking to buy maybe the shoulder pads and really thinking hard about the skates though their supposedly $800.

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