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Originally Posted by #66 View Post
I guess I'm alone in liking the circle logo. Sure a lot of teams have moved to them but Pittsburgh Penguins just fits well in that circle. If they do go to blue again, I would rather see a play off of the mid to late 70's jersey. Its just a blue version of the 90's cup jersey's.
Nope. I love both circle logos and I loved the powder blue throwbacks as an alternate. I'm less thrilled with our current alts, but they've grown to be tolerable for me, but it really should have just been a one-time jersey.

As much as I loved the powder blue jersey, I was ready for it to be retired for the progress of new alt -> new primaries...but the Winter Classic came and screwed that up and pushed that back by two years.

What the alt will be is anyone's guess...but I think we can stop going back to a decade plus-old's quote about Lemieux's views on the 1980-92 jerseys. They do sell...but introducing that same essential design with the vegas gold would have 17,000 people in that arena wearing the same damn jersey (the other ~1,400 would be puck bunnies in their old Jiri Slegr and Steve McKenna jerseys). The fact that the navy jersey exists proves that these guys do indeed love money, and that would be an absurd money-maker.

That and the home-and-road jerseys will be replaced in the coming years. The only reason they lasted as long as they have has been the fact that we've been a good team during their existence and Crosby and Malkin could sell any jersey...the team didn't design the jerseys and the fans aren't crazy about them...but they sell. Imagine how well a set would sell that the fans actually love.

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