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Roger Clemens

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205 lbs
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Played for:
Boston Red Sox (1984-96)
Toronto Blue Jays (1997-98)
New York Yankees (1999-2003)
Houston Astros (2004-06)
New York Yankees (2007)

1984AL EastBoston Red Sox2095.6924.321.313126971.7
1985AL EastBoston Red Sox1575.5833.291.220741302.6
1986AL EastBoston Red Sox33244.8572.480.9692381698.6
1987AL EastBoston Red Sox36209.6902.971.1752561549.1
1988AL EastBoston Red Sox351812.6002.931.0572911416.8
1989AL EastBoston Red Sox351711.6073.131.2162301325.3
1990AL EastBoston Red Sox31216.7781.931.08210921110.3
1991AL EastBoston Red Sox351810.6432.621.0472411657.7
1992AL EastBoston Red Sox321811.6212.411.0742081748.4
1993AL EastBoston Red Sox291114.4404.461.2631601042.3
1994AL EastBoston Red Sox2497.5632.851.1431681765.8
1995AL EastBoston Red Sox23105.6674.181.4361321171.7
1996AL EastBoston Red Sox341013.4353.631.3272571397.4
1997AL EastToronto Blue Jays34217.7502.051.03029222211.6
1998AL EastToronto Blue Jays33206.7692.651.0952711747.8
1999AL EastNew York Yankees301410.5834.601.4651631022.6
2000AL EastNew York Yankees32138.6193.701.3121881314.3
2001AL EastNew York Yankees33203.8703.511.2572131285.4
2002AL EastNew York Yankees29136.6844.351.3061921022.4
2003AL EastNew York Yankees33179.6543.911.2141901133.8
2004NL CentralHouston Astros33184.8182.981.1572181455.1
2005NL CentralHouston Astros32138.6191.871.0081852267.6
2006NL CentralHouston Astros1976.5382.301.0411021943.4
2007AL EastNew York Yankees1866.5004.181.313681081.4
TotalALBoston Red Sox, et al.623316166.6563.211.1854167139117
TotalNLHouston Astros843818.6792.401.07450518016.1
TotalMLBBoston Red Sox, et al.707354184.6583.121.1734672143133.1

1986ALCSBoston Red Sox311.5004.371.27917
1986WSBoston Red Sox200N/A3.181.32411
1986TotalBoston Red Sox511.5003.971.29428
1988ALCSBoston Red Sox100N/A3.860.8578
1990ALCSBoston Red Sox201.0003.521.5654
1995ALDSBoston Red Sox100N/A3.860.8575
1999ALDSNew York Yankees1101.0000.000.7142
1999ALCSNew York Yankees101.00022.504.0002
1999WSNew York Yankees1101.0001.170.7834
1999TotalNew York Yankees321.6673.251.1458
2000ALDSNew York Yankees202.0008.181.90910
2000ALCSNew York Yankees1101.0000.000.33315
2000WSNew York Yankees1101.0000.000.2509
2000TotalNew York Yankees422.5003.210.92934
2001ALDSNew York Yankees201.0005.401.5606
2001ALCSNew York Yankees100N/A0.001.0007
2001WSNew York Yankees2101.0001.351.05019
2001TotalNew York Yankees511.5002.371.20332
2002ALDSNew York Yankees100N/A6.351.9415
2003ALDSNew York Yankees1101.0001.290.8576
2003ALCSNew York Yankees2101.0005.001.4448
2003WSNew York Yankees100N/A3.861.1435
2003TotalNew York Yankees4201.0003.521.17419
2004NLDSHouston Astros2101.0003.001.66712
2004NLCSHouston Astros211.5004.150.9239
2004TotalHouston Astros421.6673.961.28021
2005NLDSHouston Astros111.5005.631.2506
2005NLCSHouston Astros1101.0003.001.3331
2005WSHouston Astros100N/A13.502.0001
2005TotalHouston Astros321.6675.631.3758
2007ALDSNew York Yankees100N/A11.572.5711
TotalALDSRed Sox/Yankees923.4004.841.40735
TotalNLDSHouston Astros321.6674.051.50018
TotalDSBoston Red Sox, et al.1244.5004.611.43553
TotalALCSRed Sox/Yankees1133.5003.901.21961
TotalNLCSHouston Astros321.6673.791.05310
TotalCSBoston Red Sox, et al.1454.5563.871.18371
TotalWSBoston Red Sox, et al.8301.0002.370.99349
TotalTotalBoston Red Sox, et al.34128.6003.751.221173

Transaction History
Traded from the Toronto Blue Jays to the New York Yankees for David Wells, Homer Bush, and Graeme Lloyd

Overall Rankings:
Wins: 354 (9th)
Win %: .658 (19th)
Strikeouts: 4672 (3rd)
ERA+: 143 (10th)
WAR: 133.1 (3rd for pitchers, 8th overall)
Shutouts: 46 (26th)
Cy Youngs: 7 (1st)

Yearly Rankings:
Wins: 1st (1986), 1st (1987), 1st (1997), 1st (1998), 4th (1990), 4th (2004), 5th (2001), 6th (1991), 6th (1992), 8th (1988), 8th (2003), 10th (1989)
Win %: 1st (1986), 1st (2001), 1st (2004), 2nd (1987), 3rd (1990), 3rd (1998), 6th (1997)
ERA: 1st (1990), 1st (2005), 2nd (1986), 2nd (1997), 4th (1987), 4th (1991), 5th (1992), 5th (1998), 6th (1994), 6th (2004)
WHIP: 2nd (1986), 2nd (1991), 3rd (1997), 3rd (2005), 5th (1990), 5th (1998), 7th (1988), 7th (1992), 7th (1994), 10th (1987), 10th (2004)
SOs: 1st (1988), 1st (1991), 2nd (1996), 3rd (1987), 3rd (1989), 3rd (1997), 3rd (1998), 4th (1986), 4th (1994), 5th (1992), 7th (1990), 7th (2001), 7th (2004), 10th (2002), 10th (2003)
WAR (pitchers): 1st (1987), 1st (1990), 1st (1997), 1st (2005), 2nd (1986), 2nd (1991), 2nd (1992), 2nd (1998), 3rd (1994), 3rd (1996), 5th (1988), 7th (2001), 8th (1989)
WAR (overall): 1st (1987), 1st (1990), 1st (1997), 2nd (1986), 3rd (1991), 3rd (1992), 4th (1998), 4th (2005), 8th (1988), 8th (1994), 9th (1996)
Shutouts: 1st (1987), 1st (1988), 1st (1990), 1st (1992), 2nd (1991), 4th (1998), 5th (1996), 5th (1997), 9th (1989)
Italics: Years he led either the AL or NL

1984: 6th in ROY voting
1986: All-Star, AL Cy Young Winner, AL MVP, TSN ML Pitcher of the Year, TSN AL Pitcher of the Year
1987: AL Cy Young
1988: All-Star, 6th in AL Cy Young
1990: All-Star, 2nd in AL Cy Young, 3rd in AL MVP
1991: All-Star, AL Cy Young Winner, TSN AL Pitcher of the Year
1992: All-Star, 3rd in AL Cy Young
1997: All-Star, AL Cy Young Winner, AL Pitching Triple Crown, TSN AL Pitcher of the Year
1998: All-Star, AL Cy Young Winner, AL Pitching Triple Crown, TSN AL Pitcher of the Year
2001: All-Star, AL Cy Young Winner, TSN AL Pitcher of the Year
2003: All-Star
2004: All-Star, NL Cy Young Winner
2005: All-Star, 3rd in NL Cy Young
Total: 11-time All-Star, 6-time AL Cy Young, 1-time NL Cy Young, 1-time AL MVP

On April 29, 1986, Clemens became the first pitcher in history to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning major league game, against the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park. Clemens accomplished the 20-strikeout feat twice, the only player ever to do so.
Clemens recorded 192 wins for the Red Sox, tied with Cy Young for the franchise record
In Clemens's first start in Fenway Park as a member of the Blue Jays (July 12, 1997) he pitched an inspired game, giving up only 4 hits and 1 run in 8 innings. 16 of his 24 outs were strikeouts, and every batter who faced him struck out at least once.
Clemens set the ALCS record for strikeouts in a game when he fanned 15 batters in a one-hit shutout of the Mariners in Game 4 of the ALCS.
In 1999, while many of his performances and milestones were yet to come, he ranked number 53 on The Sporting News' list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, and was elected by the fans to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. In 2005, the updated Sporting News list moved Clemens up to #15.
In October 2006, Clemens was named to Sports Illustrated's "all-time" team.
On August 18, 2007, Roger Clemens got his 1,000th strikeout as a Yankee. He is only the ninth player in major league history to record 1,000 or more strikeouts with two different teams.

Originally Posted by The Boston Herald
"The Red Sox and our fans were fortunate to see Roger Clemens play in his prime and we had hoped to keep him in Boston during the twilight of his career," said Duquette, who joined Harrington on a conference call yesterday afternoon. "We just want to let the fans know that we worked extremely hard to sign Roger Clemens. . . . We made him a substantial, competitive offer, by far the most money ever offered to a player in the history of the Red Sox franchise
Originally Posted by Alyson Footer, MLB
"We all can assess the physical tools, what he can do physically," general manager Tim Purpura said. "But it's what's inside a man's heart and his mind that makes a great competitor. Roger's a warrior. He's from that school, a warrior mentality. You'll never see him retreat, you'll never see him surrender. He will never shirk responsibility."

Said club owner Drayton McLane: "I don't know any one individual in Major League Baseball or America, that can help us achieve two goals -- to be a champion, and to make a positive difference -- than Roger Clemens."

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