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01-18-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by SCBruCrew4 View Post
I understand where your going and for the online buyer I could see this working. Even still I suggest if your buying a stick, buy it in person because 90% of the time, that blade chart you see online doesn't do the actual "in person" curve any justice. I mean take the P92 curve, the blade chart picture barely has the face opening...which in person the face opens up quite a bit. Heck, since we're talking about the Mako 2, the new E28 curve doesn't even look the same when you compare the picture to the way it looks in person. So even when looking at codes I'd only suggest buying sticks in person to actually see what your getting.
Oh I agree 100% - it just would make it way easier to narrow it down a bit. It'd just be a lot cleaner - rather than trying to remember what the stick that used to be called the Zetterberg is called now!

That said, at least going to numbers (rather than names which change frequently) is a huge step forward.

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