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01-18-2013, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
1. Bryzgalov had a good March, but was underwhelming the rest of the year. Don't argue this point if you don't want to look stupid. He admitted as much. His teammates admitted as much. His management admitted as much. Philly did not sign him to that contract for him to have the year he had last year. If he has a repeat of that year he gets bought out this summer. Save this post if you don't believe me.
Of course there was higher expectations on him. Why wouldn't there be with that contract? However this still leaves the fact that Holmgren overpaid to get Bryz on the team. That was his fault, not Bryz. If we are going to make assumptions based on higher cap hits equaling higher performances then we just need to look on names like Gomez, Komisarek and Connolly to know large contracts doesn't necessarily equal better production.

Don't get me wrong, Bryz was far from impressive last season. However judging him based on one below expectations season, including the injury of Pronger and the bad play of their bottom pairing before Grossman was acquired, would be a mistake. Many players have had a bad year compared to what has been expected of them. Let this season pass, and then we will see if you are right. Maybe he underperforms and Philly buys him out. Maybe he plays well and they don't.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
2. His performance against Pittsburgh absolutely counts as a valid argument. Varlamov had no better defense with him when he shone against Pittsburgh. Bryzgalov was hung out to dry on many goals but his lateral movement was Ray Emery bad and he let in a lot of easy, stoppable goals. I look at stats and all but in the end I let my eyes cast the final vote, and Bryzgalov was not playing good hockey no matter what his Save % was (which it was probably bad but I don't need to know to see that he was bad). Same with Fleury.
Which really just comes to show the mentality of that playoff series. Neither team did come out to play any defense, but instead went all in on offense. In those situations you always end up with lots of goals against, regardless of who is in the net.

Had the situation been different and one team had simply outscored the other game after game, your argument would IMO have been valid. This series was not one of those cases. Both teams focused entirely on offense, hanging their goalies out to dry.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
Teams that have tons of money locked up in a few players:

Pittsburgh (Crosby 8.7, Malkin 8.7, Neal 5, Fleury 5, Martin 5, and they were gonna give Staal 5.5 for life)

LA Kings (Kopitar 6.7, Doughty 7, Quick 5.5, Richards 5.75, Carter 5.3, then a ton of players making 3.5-4)

San Jose Sharks (Thornton 7, Marleau 6.9, Boyle 6.66, Burns 5.75, Havlat 5, Pavelski/Niemi close to 4)

Detroit Red Wings during their dominant post lockout cup runs (Datsyuk 6.7, Lidstrom 7.5, Rafalski 6. Hossa 7 for one year, Zetterberg bumping up to 6. Tons of players in the 3-4 range)

Cup Finals Flyers (Richards 5.75, Carter 5, Briere 6.7, Pronger 6.25, Gagne 5, Hartnell 4.25, Timonen 6.7 I believe)

Cup winning Hawks (Campell 7, Hossa 5.3, Huet 5.5 (total waste) a ton of 3 million + players). Had both Huet and Khabibulin the year before when they want to the WCF.

Cup winning Bruins (Chara, Thomas, Lucic, Horton, Krejci, Bergeron)

Cup finalist Canucks (Sedin, Sedin, Kesler, Hamhius, Bieksa, Luongo)

This year's paper cup winner Rangers (Nash 7.8, Gaborik 7.5, Richards 6.7, Callahan 4.5, Lundqvist 6, Staal, Girardi 4, Drury/Redden buyout like 4). Plus their crappy role players are overpaid since it's Sather.
Neal was not on the Penguins roster that won the Stanley Cup.

The cup winning Hawks got into cap hell following their Stanley Cup title and had to part with names like Versteeg, Byfuglien, Ladd and Campbell. I rather not see that happen to the Caps.

The Canucks roster did indeed reach the final, but failed miserably in the deciding game, coming to show that stars alone does not win games, but players who find their game at the right time does.

Just a few examples.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
Either way, I'd think if we did this we'd have Benn signed for 8 years/5.75 cap hit and O'Reilly for 5 years 4.25 cap hit. Very manageable. We have Ward, Schultz and Laich combined making more. Let that sink in.
Laich is a very popular player in DC. That's more than enough to justify his cap hit compared to other contracts around the NHL. That does not mean that both Benn and O'Reilly could become as popular if not more so if acquired.

Dallas is not rebuilding anymore. They need NHL players, not prospects. If we were to acquire Benn, one of Carlson, Alzner or Holtby would have to go back. I would not be willing to part with any of these three pieces to get Benn.

O'Reilly could be had, but would not work out for us. He would just get traded from one team where he has to play third line minutes, because of Duchene and Statsny being above him on the depth chart to DC where he would be behind Backy and Ribs.
I doubt GMGM would like either O'Reilly or Ribs playing third line minutes. That's just a waste of team resources, especially when both players does best at center opposed to the wing.

I do however have a proposition for you to solve our Schultz problem. How about you and me hire a chopper. We kidnap Jeff and drops him in the middle of the forest, where he will be forced to wrestle with hungry bears.

If he vanishes, we don't have to worry about his cap hit. If he returns, well in that case we will actually have a D-man who actually knows how to use his size to his advantage, destroying any opposition that defies us. Are you in?

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