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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Ahh thanks man! Very helpful. How can one obtain VPN? I know a lot of people seem to do it but is it illegal?

So living in Toronto I should get every sens game except CBC and TSN period? Damn thats a good 15ish games or more...

If I got GCL i wouldnt be able to wath tomorrows game then.
VPN is not illegal but if you get caught by the NHL they have the right to terminate service. Chances are almost zero though but you never know.

I've heard unblock us is really good and it's $5/Mo. You could also use it to spoof your IP to get Netflix us and Hulu plus among other things. There's free options, but you probably get what you pay for.

This is the route I think I will be going and will be using it with xbox and xbmc. Hopefully all goes well and goodbye Rogers!

Apparently you only get the first 2 rounds of the playoffs though. Workaround for that I think is to use a non North American IP but I could be mistaken.

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