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01-18-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
Can you please explain to me how Brendan Smith, picked 27th overall who is 24 years old with a whopping 14 career NHL games is not that far off from Bogosian drafted 3rd overall, still only 23, and already playing 264 NHL games?

Smith is a decent prospect for sure, but if you put up a poll I am sure over 90% would take Bogo over him.

Bogo > Smith AINEC
The bolded is about the only thing in the post you were even close on.

1. When you were drafted doesn't mean jack squat in terms of how good of a player you are.

2. Smith is 23, and it's very well known that Detroit holds their prospects down until they're PAST being ready to be in the NHL. Not to mention, Detroit was very deep defensively up until this year. If you honestly think Smith wouldn't have cracked the Jets lineup by now, you're delusional.

3. I'm absolutely positive people would take Bogosian over Smith, because he's actually played. A better option might be able to make that poll in three years.

4. Looking at Bogosian's numbers, I think that's pretty attainable for Smith considering his projection. So sure, Bogosian is better, but to say "AINEC" is BS.

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