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Originally Posted by LeTANGled58 View Post
I may be mistaken but I think I heard that the pens won't go back to the cup year jerseys or colors because they want the identity of the team to be sid's not Mario's. They believe Sid is the vegas gold and the powder blue colors.

I actually am ok with this. But I would like to see a brand new jersey unveiled instead of just another one from the 60's or 70's

also, post 1300! woo
That's the decade-old quote I was talking about.

Listen, the color change happened and it's not going to be reversed as long as Mario is running things...but I see no reason why we can't have a similarly-designed jersey with the updated colors. After all, that design is our heritage. It dates to the Hornets, the Penguins wore a similar design through most of the 70s, and then it switched colors in 1980. Between 1965-92 Pittsburgh teams had no less than 7 variations of that design (not counting minor tweaks, which there were plenty of, and I'm not counting the early/mid 70s designs that were so similar because the yokes don't fit the profile), all in different color schemes.

Part of me wanting that so badly is because the thought of any new design is terrifying to me. Hockey jersey design reached their apex in the 70s and 80s and has been steadily going downhill ever since. The past alternate jerseys at least show that the team isn't afraid of dipping into their past for jerseys, which would seem to go in the face of that original 'identity' quote (which was made before the blue jerseys came into existence and I believe before Sid and Geno were in the organization).

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