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01-18-2013, 02:41 PM
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I posted this on the main board, but sadly no responses.. Maybe someone here might know.

Here is my dilemma. Im a Senators fan living in Sudbury, and Im so confused about the whole blackout situation and how it exactly works.

For the last 3 years, maybe more, I've had eastlink cable (or persona or whatever it was before) and purchase the center ice package/super sports pack. I watch every single Sens game.

BUT, here is the kicker. The Sens games are never listed on the digital guide, I actually have to flip through all of the center ice channels until I find it. Ive called and asked about this, and they tell me the sens are/should be blacked out here?

Every single game is available on an unlisted channel. Usually the same one. Never in HD though on the HD center ice channels, even though the game is being broadcast in HD elsewhere.

Is this A) a cool employee making sure us Sudbury sens fans get the game, B) a terrible customer service rep who mislead me, or C) a terrible cable company who cant fix their mistake, year after year??

And the big question is, if I get game center, will there be any hassle at all with me watching the Senators in Sudbury?? Im sick of not watching the games in HD, and gamecenter might be the answer.

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