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01-18-2013, 02:46 PM
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Decided to jump on and share my string of bad luck I've been having lately, maybe see if it'll change.

Now, before I start, I'm not fishing for sympathy, so please don't tell me that I am.

We play every week, on Friday nights, and I have only played in 2 of the last 6 games.

First off, I got rocked hard while reaching for a puck, shoulder to head, and then hit my head on the ice. Thought nothing of it, felt fine and finished the game, next morning woke up with a massive headache and blurry vision. Went and got it checked out, had a concussion.

Missed 2 weeks from that, got it checked again, 100% good to go, so I'm back on the ice. First game back, about halfway through the game, I'm chasing a loose puck in our end, lost an edge, and went sliding full speed into the boards headfirst. I managed to turn a little bit, but slammed my shoulder into the boards, instant pain. After being helped to the bench, I just decided to get changed and go home. Took m gear off (painfully) and looked in the mirror. My right shoulder was noticeably lower than my left, so I decided to go to the hospital instead. Thankfully it wasn't dislocated, but it was close.

So I get that fixed, miss another 2 weeks, get the ok to go back. First shift of the game, I take a slapper to the side of the knee, hurt like hell, and I've had a massive bruise all week. Plus my favorite stick broke, and I can't afford to replace it for a couple weeks, so I'm stuck with my backup stick till then.

Hoping to end this weird run of bad luck tonight, thought maybe some positive vibes from you guys might help, certainly couldn't hurt.

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