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Originally Posted by Lil Jim 1031 View Post
It seems that most people on here have already made up their minds about whether Grigs is ready for the NHL or not, and want to support or blame Sabres management for keeping him on the roster. Why now? Isn't this debate a bit premature.

Sabres management has no reason to decide right now if Grigs is ready to play in the NHL for the entire season. The fact of the matter is that he showed enough in training camp to earn a 5-game tryout, that's all.

It would be silly of the team not to take advantage of the 5-game window to see how he fares against NHL competition, especially after he's shown in training camp that he's not completely overmatched and has a chance to make an impact.

For those who say he's not ready, doesn't have the compete level, or won't be able to handle the physicality, his 5-game tryout should make this abundantly clear one way or another. Why not see how he looks for his first 5 games, and then we can decide whether the Sabres make the right or wrong decision. It's up to him. If he makes an obvious impact, he'll stay. If he looks like he doesn't belong, he'll go back to Quebec. Nothing has been decided yet.
Why can't we give our opinion of him now? If it turns out we were wrong, good for him.

I just talked about what I've seen from him so far. I'm not going to judge him about something that has not happened yet.

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