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01-18-2013, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by BumperStumper View Post
Thats all really random.

But the same thing goes for everywhere - if you get GCL + VPN you will have no problemo, assuming your internet can handle it. I used GCL through apple tv and its awesome quality.
Random doesnt even begin to describe it. ****ING strange/aggravating is a better way to put it. Even though I know it will come on, I get a little bit scared every single time when its 1 minute past and I cant find it. Its pretty funny because I dont even know one other Sens fan up here (who buys the center ice pack) to confirm whether or not its just me, or everyone.

But thanks, I think Im going to try this VPN with gamecenter and see if I cant start breathing a little more easily before games.

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