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01-18-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by New Jets View Post
25% is hardly a discount.

Let's talk 35-40%. THAT would've been something.
The entitlement of people in this thread amazes me.

Yes the leafs gave free tickets out to their STHs and 1000 or so other fans in Toronto.
So as a fan if you aren't a STH you have a minuscule chance of getting one of these 1000 tickets.
There is probably a good chance that a lot of those 1000 tickets will be handed to people that don't really want to go to the game and they end up scalping them.

If you are a Ottawa STH or were lucky enough to get a ticket to the opening game you will get discounted food and perhaps a free beer.

Both those teams are "giving back" to a very small minority of their fans.

The Jets offer 25% of merchandise at their store and that is available to every fan in the city.
There will also likely be some giveaway at the home opener for people that are lucky enough to be going.

Which of these three franchises got it right?

To give more than a 25% discount would have been completely foolish. Jets merchandise is still selling well and if they offer this huge discount everyone would buy everything they want and the sales would be flat for the foreseeable future.

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