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01-18-2013, 03:53 PM
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So I went again today to the noon practice and here are a few more notes.

1. Kronner looked much better defensively. They ran a few 2 on 1 drills for the dmen and I'd say he did the best cutting off passes and or keeping the shooter to the outside.

2. Smith also looked pretty good on the 2 on 1s. He looked more comfortable overall today.

3. Knuble looked faster today. I wonder if he was nursing some tight muscles yesterday and that is why he was so slow. He was still one of the slower guys out there but I'd say it was an acceptable skating speed. He was also still playing a lot of center today with Sammy on the wing.

4. Did more special teams drills and clearing drills today and the Wings D looked pretty solid. They may not be as good of dmen as Lids or Stuart but their speed really helps them get to pucks and move them out quickly.

5. They also ran some 5 on 3 drills and they weren't just lining up one times which was nice to see. They were actually do a little bit of work down low.

6. E wasn't as good in the 2 on 1 drill as I expected he would be. He was letting passes get through which can't happen in actual games. Plus with his size he should not let any passes through.

7. Cleary spent extra time at the end of practice tipping pucks from all of the dmen. E looks like he has worked on getting his shot off quicker, which could be a major boon this year.

8. Tootoo and Franzen also spent a bunch of time working on tips and batting pucks out of the air but they were working down low as opposed to working on point tips. Tootoo actually has some pretty good hands.

9. Z, Kronner, Quincey, and Sammy were all working on one timers after practice as well. I think Sammy is going to surprise people this year.

10. Dats, Eaves, Franzen, and Flip all engaged in a game of keep away at center ice. Eaves and Dats were doing a more serious drill when Flip and Franzen joined it turned into horsing around. At one point Flip knocked Franzen on his butt going for a puck and then later Dats knocked Franzen's stick out of his hands and sent it down the ice.

11. Mursak and Tootoo stood out on the PK drills to me today. Tootoo is definitely willing to block pucks and I was actually a little worried he might lay out to block one during a drill. Mursak comes from the Helm school of pking, which is speed, speed, speed.

12. A bunch of guys were engaging in a cool drill at the other end of the rink where they lined out sticks about 4 feet outside the crease and had to manuever back and forth around the sticks and get a shot on net. They turned it into a speed drill later on.

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