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The Committed Indian just posted something about the coaching semi-drama at the end of last season.

While we will shout at the sky until the Earth ends that we are not journalists, that doesn’t mean we don’t know some people we trust with some inside contacts who get stuff. The following story comes from a very reliable friend of the program.

During exit-interviews with players last year, a significant number of them made it clear to Stan Bowman that they’d like to see Mike Kitchen fired out of the nearest cannon. You can probably guess why. However, after Stan and John McDonough discussed it, it was decided that the chain of command in the organization shouldn’t be uprooted for this, and that actually makes sense. Your president hires the GM, the GM hires the coach (though not in this instance and that’s part of the problem), your coach hires his staff. It’s how things should work.

When Stan and McD advised Q that the players weren’t exactly thrilled with everything on the coaching staff, Q decided to can Mike Haviland and keep his stooge Kitchen, and get to bring in another of his stooges in Kompon.
Basically more of the whispers we were hearing that everyone hates Mike Kitchen except Joel.

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