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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
I am so glad to hear you are so knowledgable on the future plans of Mr. Wang and Mr. Ratner and even more greatful you know Ratner will not let Wang run the team on the cheap.

I will agree Wang spent on Peca and Yahsin and Osgood and the building rocked, I know I was there, had season tickets, never missed a game. However after that initial cash infusion what happened? Never even came close to that first year he owned the team. Team played worse, people stopped coming. It is a simple fact you seem to have trouble grasping. I will also agree that the move does provide hope, but I hope for lots of things that never happen, I am sure you do too.

You cannot compare the local repsonse to the Nets to the Isles. With the Nets, they moved to an area steep in basketball history. Some of the best playground basketball players of all time come from Brooklyn. The was a huge article about it in SI a few months back. It's not a hockey hot bed and if you think for a second that a fan of the NYR is going to take season tix to the NYI just because they are cheaper, I have bridge to sell you. Might they go to a game or two? Sure but it is not going to offset the fan from LI that doesnt want to schlep in Brooklyn to watch a bad team. I said the move would be lamented when the team still sucks.

I know you are happy they ended up in Brooklyn because you have been a proponet of it since the idea first surfaced here. Personally I think you are glad because it makes getting to games easier for you.

As for my forecasting abilities, whether I have experience in sports revenue or not doesn't matter. While I care not to disclose to you my background or where I ply my trade, it doesn't matter if it is sports revenue, corporate revenue or the weather. Forecasts are not scientific. They are based on data usully culled from past performance applied to potential future earnings. Regardless it's a crap shoot. Just think back to the last time the weatheran forecated a foot of snow and not a flake fell. They had good data, but the consitions just were not favorable.

Oh BTW, the NY Times, while a good daily paper, has it's warts too.

I'm glad you're glad. I predicted the Brooklyn move half a year before it happened. I even came close to the announcement date of it prediction. What have you shown? You've only shown to hate Wang, be bitter and poo poo the idea of the Brooklyn move and frankly it's sour grapes you should be taking up with your nassau neighbors and politicians as they had their chance and blew it. Better get used to it as the Brooklyn deal is done and NYI is not going back to "LI" for at least 25 years and probably never.

What happened after Yashin,Peca,Osgood? LI screwed Wang, that's what. What was supposed to happen? I don't blame him at all for not spending with the lowest revenues in the league and losing money. No LI support = no revenue, no good players, nobody goes to games. It is a simple fact you seem to have trouble grasping.

Actually, NYI already has a bigger fan base as opposed to what the Nets had from NJ. LIers only went to NYI games on weekends. Brooklyn will now get the LI weekend crowd plus the weeknight crowd with easy train access to workers from NYC and close outskirts plus corporate support. It is a simple fact you seem to have trouble grasping.

You look pretty silly talking about Brooklyn attendance and ignoring the growth potential while Uniondale constantly had the worst or close to worst attendance in the NHL. Anything said about the move being lamented is ridiculous. Sucking due to ownership/management is different.

Personally, I wanted Queens as I thought that would be best for the franchise and easier for the LI fan base because that's the kind of guy I am. Brooklyn became best when Queens wasn't an option. The dumbest thing mentioned on this board is when people like you think non LI residents wanted Brooklyn/Queens because it's closer and easier to get to games while ignoring the obvious benefits and advanteges of the city over the suburbs for pro sports. It's why LI has lost NYI, Nets, Dragons, Arrows, and a few other pro teams. You're blind to what's gone on for many years. I've shlepped to NVMC from Westchester since 1972 and watched bad teams and would gladly do it again if they stayed and were worth it and had hope. Let's see how LIers do with the same to Brooklyn that you're already whining about.

The less you say about the forecasting and the NY Times the better as is gotten comical at this point.

See ya in BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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