Thread: NCAA: Te'o GF death a hoax
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01-18-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by TheMoreYouKnow View Post
I wouldn't be surprised by those people being "in" on it, the question is whether T'eo wasn't "in" on it as well and people are now falling on their swords to protect T'eo (in exchange for a payout from T'eo once he has NFL money).
No, what i'm saying is those people are not friends of Te'o and were actually blocked by him on Twitter for saying that Lennay Kekua wasn't real and was a hoax after she died.

At first glance this may seem "oh that means she wasn't real, he was trying to hide it!" but it could also be "he didn't want to listen to what he believed absurd comments"

These people have no motivation to protect Te'o. What they are saying is they've been fooled before. Manti would have to track down random people that knew the alleged person and payed them off, that's pretty darn difficult to do.

If they are legit, it's definitley in his favor and no question about it. This is from a guy who has been in the middle the entire time.

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