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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
LOL, i will assume you are a Nuck's fan. I will answer your question with a question...would you rather see early playoff exits or 11 banners hanging from the rafters of BC place? Again, i get we are a bad team now, but if your team has NEVER reached the heights the Leafs can you poke jokes?
I don't see it as poking jokes...

If Toronto goes through a re-build, and Nonis has up to 5 more years, the chances of Toronto making the playoffs within the 5 years goes down sigificantly... After all, how many re-building teams make the playoffs each year (and if a playoff team, why re-build... why not tweak)? If the Leafs don't make the playoffs during a new 5 year re-building phase, it would be 15 years since the Leafs last made the playoffs... just in case it was passed over during Nonis' press conference... The potential to miss the playoffs for 15 years, I think, could be a motivation on what direction the Leafs ultimately take regarding Luongo interest, or what prepared to pay, regardless what Nonis says (or, feels at this point of time)... Was Nonis asked this question during his press conference? Were fans reminded of this during his "go with youth and draft pick" statement? Every time a Leaf fan or Nonis says going for a re-build, I think an appropriate counter-response is 15 years - birth to grade 10... If good with that, fine... But, should be considered in the equation for what you're good with, IMO... As is, it's been birth to grade 5... The Quebec Nordiques and Hartford Whalers have had as many playoff appearances as the Leafs have had the last 10 years... They have pretty good history as well...

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