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01-18-2013, 04:52 PM
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Fun interview with Hank.

Hey guys,

Avs fan visiting in peace. Just ran across a pretty fun interview with Hank, made by swedish Grunden BOIS, a team of soccer players who have cerebral palsy. There were a lot of fun questions, but I don't have the time to translate everything, so I pulled the five I liked the most. Here you go!

Grunden BOIS: Is your dandruff gone yet?
Lundqvist: Haha! I’ve never had any real problems with dandruff, but I use the shampoo as a safety precaution.

Grunden BOIS: Did you become a goalie because you were lazy?
Lundqvist: Haha – no, I liked the equipment that goaltenders wore. My idol growing up was swedish goalie Pekka Lindmark.

Grunden BOIS: Are you ever afraid of the puck?
Lundqvist: It happens. Especially at the beginning of practice before you’re properly warmed up. Or you might be afraid if you just took a shot to an unprotected part of your body, but that feeling goes away fast.

Grunden BOIS: What are dentists like in USA?
Lundqvist: They are great. You choose a dentist based on your insurance. The New York Rangers have their own dentists that take care of us. They get a lot of work, because my teammates often have problems with their teeth. I’m lucky since I wear a mask.

Grunden BOIS: Do you stay on guard to make sure a shark in the sea doesn’t bite your bottom? (This one rocks. So sweet. )
Lundqvist: Ha ha! Yeah, there’s white sharks in the sea in Hampton outside of New York, so you have to watch out.

Swedish Rangers fans can verify the interview by checking Aftonbladet:

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