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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Well that's pretty interesting! I'm sure there are some great stories there to be told. Do you know or recall any?
Sadly no. He passed away 5 years before I was born, and my Grandfather passed a few years after him, so I never got to meet either or learn any stories. I plan on asking my Grandmother on that side, as well as my father, if they know anything about him.

What i've gathered from online research is that he was the no.2 face (Yvon Robert was 1st).. He went by the name "Handsome" Larry Moquin.. Along with the already mentioned wrestlers, he fought Killer Kowalski, Arnold Skaaland, and The Sheik (at MSG!). He was the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Champion in 1954 from May to July.. He retired in 1967 and worked as a salesman for Victoriaville Hockey Sticks. While wrestling he ran the Hotel Larry Moquin in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec until fire destroyed it in 1964. His overall record was 271-133-197 (w-d-l), and to me one of the coolest things is that in 1954-55 Parkhurst made a wrestling trading-card of him. I've been trying to find one, they go for about $4 on eBay.. Id pay more than that though, as the sentimental value makes it near priceless to me.

"A 225 pounder, handsome Larry stands nearly six feet and is one of the most agile, acrobatic boys in the game."

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